Protecting Those Who Protect Us

Military vehicles are used in the toughest, most rugged environments and terrain. Whether it’s on base or in missions worldwide, maximatecc products ensure military vehicles deliver the versatility and capability military personnel need in all types of operations, from tactical missions to base support.


High-impact and corrosion-proof materials give operators every advantage and promote efficiency. Unique designs reduce exposure to battlefield dangers and vehicle performance in mission-critical settings, ensuring operator safety. Products are constructed to withstand extreme environmental exposure, intense shock and vibration, and dangerous temperatures.


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DATCON DDBI Heavy Duty Industrial Gauges

    • High-impact PBT, reinforced casing with hard coated, anti-fog lens
    • -40 to 85°C operating range, IP67 rating
    • Exceeds SAE standards for vibration (SAE J1810) and salt spray (SAE J1455)
      • HALT tested
      • Withstands vibration at 20 Grms, 0 to 2,000 hertz
      • Tested compliant with SAE J1455 humidity standards
    • Gauges go to zero brightness, with configurable LED backlighting for night vision and covert settings
    • Available dual scale options to translate readings for allied forces
    • Fully sealed and designed with a hydrophobic vent to adapt to temperature and humidity changes

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mm_maxAI_ProdImages_LandingPgs_300x300_intelliSensor side

CAN Bus IntelliSensor

      • Available in lengths from 6 to 54 inches, plus custom designs
      • Ideal for vehicles with unique tank designs, can be mounted at up to a 45-degree angle
      • No moving parts; ideal for vehicles with deep tanks subjected to fuel slosh
      • Multiple Intellisensors can be used on one vehicle, connecting via configurable J1939 addresses to the same network
      • Use with all fuel mixtures (DF-1, DF-2, JP-8, JP-5 and Jet A), including seasonal or regional blends, fully configurable software allows multiplier configurations for precise fluid monitoring
      • Meets IP67 standards, with tank sealing at 6 PSI, vibration SAE J1810 and a temperature operating range of -40 to 85°C
      • Compliant with EMC standards for off-highway use
      • Electronic board potted in a secure pod ensuring a totally sealed system

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