Diesel engines that power the world

maximatecc products are ideally suited for diesel-based moving and non-moving systems operating in the most rugged and demanding environments.

Displays are designed for heavy-duty environmental conditions, including the following:
  • Exceed SAE standards for vibration (SAE J1810) and salt spray (SAE J1455)
  • Tested compliant with SAE J1455 humidity standards
  • Bright TFT technology for readability, whether mounted in cab or on the exterior of the machine

Our displays operate in a wide range of temperatures, even open cabs, because they are fully sealed. A hydrophobic vent allows them to adapt to temperature and humidity changes and keep moisture out.

Key features of our product connectivity and design:
  • Use our software development kit (SDK) to develop applications that support active or manual diesel regeneration
  • Configurable on-screen indicator icons
    • Options available for up to 20 integrated warning icons, plus a dead-fronted LED warning light
  • Traditional direct data bus instruments can be connected directly to the CAN bus network without requiring controllers or gateway devices
  • Drop-in solutions with no moving parts for fuel level and volume sensing bring fuel data onto the network without any auxiliary controllers or gateway devices
  • CE certification
mining equipment

Common applications for diesel-based moving and non-moving systems:

  • Instrument cluster

  • CAN engine monitoring solutions

  • Viewing and clearing diagnostic trouble codes

  • Diesel exhaust fluid solutions for Tier 4/Stage V emission compliance

  • Dual use tachometers and hour meters

  • Auxiliary system monitoring from a fuel sending unit or fuel level sensor

  • Back-up camera support via a NTSC/PAL analog signal

  • OEM custom instrumentation and gauge designs

maximatecc serves a variety of markets, and each one is an opportunity to showcase the expertise that will help you maximize your engine monitoring experience: