maxAI™ Customizable Software Solutions

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maxAI™ Configurator Tool

For quick and easy setup, use the Configurator Tool to automatically populate your engine monitoring data with preset options and layouts. No need for complex coding or additional resources.


The maxAI STM SDK is a software development kit that provides a higher level of flexibility and control. You choose the advanced engine monitoring parameters to equip your display with all the information you need to know.

maxAI™ Qt SDK

maximatecc now offers Qt for MCU compatibility. Qt for MCUs is optimized for embedded microcontrollers, providing a complete graphics framework that allows you to design, develop and deploy modern user experiences with cross-platform architecture that enables code reusability with other devices

maxAI™ Specialized

The Specialized System provides you with access to the maximatecc engineering team, who develop a custom interface that meets your specific application needs. The team supports all elements of the engineering and setup process for ease and flexibility.

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