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Engine or battery monitoring displays are designed to continually communicate the status and health of a vehicle or machine. Set parameters with configuration tool or create custom applications with Qt or C/C++ application programming.

maxAI™ Customizable Software Solutions

maxAI™ Configurator Tool

For quick and easy setup - automatically populate machine data with preset options and layouts or create custom icons for your signals. Each device uses an optimized tool, that can be found in the documentation and downloads section for each product.


The maxAI STM SDK is a software development kit that provides a higher level of flexibility and control. You choose the advanced engine monitoring parameters to equip your display with all the information you need to know.

maxAI™ Qt SDK

Qt for MCUs is optimized for embedded microcontrollers, providing a complete graphics framework that allows platform adopters to design, develop and deploy modern user experiences with cross-platform architecture that enables code and asset reuse across devices.

maxAI™ Specialized

For larger projects, the maximatecc engineering team can help with the development of a custom interface that meets specific application needs. The team can support all elements of the engineering and setup process for ease and flexibility.

To receive support and a quotation, please complete the contact form or reach out to your established maximatecc agent with your hardware and software specifications.

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