IntelliSensor® Tracks Engine Fuel and Fluids

The vehicle industry is a strong driver of innovation that enhances efficiency and productivity. Monitoring vehicle performance is vital. Count on the CAN Bus IntelliSensor® to deliver a reliable, compact, drop-in solution to track your engine fuel and fluids.



Configuring the fuel sensor

The IntelliSensor connects to most J1939 networks out of the box, but maximatecc offers a powerful tool to configure the sensor to your exact needs. Easily configure the baud rate, auto baud detect, source address and piecewise linear calibration. Our system also provides diagnostic messages to the network without any additional modules to sit between the sensor and the network.


Calibration and accuracy

With its automatic calibration feature, the CAN Bus IntelliSensor adjusts to any type of fluid you’re using, including biodiesel blends. Unlike many capacitance senders, the IntelliSensor adapts to fuel variations or blends, decreasing inaccuracies. Automatic calibration ensures accurate tank level readings with blended fuels.

fuel sensor

Inputs and outputs

As vehicles become electrified and more complex, the number of inputs and outputs have increased. Using a CAN Bus IntelliSensor frees up space on your electronic control unit or controller and may also reduce wiring needs.


Designed for success

The IntelliSensor is a capacitance-based fuel sender, which means it has no moving parts. It will wear better than a traditional float-arm or reed-switch style fuel sender and will not catch tank contaminants that may affect readings. With a small footprint and volumetric capability, the IntelliSensor is ideal for oddly shaped fuel tanks because it ensures accurate readings for tanks that don’t have linear tank level or sensor position readings.


The IntelliSensor can be mounted at multiple angles and is manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials. It meets high temperature and vibration standards, a common issue during long and challenging days in the field.


To learn more, watch the CAN Bus IntelliSensor Video or visit CAN Bus Intellisensor – maximatecc.