maxAI™ CAN Bus Products

The maxAI™ CAN bus products are rugged, all-in-one instrumentation displays for vehicles put to the test every day in the world’s most demanding applications. Find out which product is best for your application.


IntelliSensor CAN Bus Fuel Level Sender

Gain control of expenses, spot problems and develop cost-effective fuel plans by delivering fuel information better than ever before.

3 Gauge Instrument Cluster – Premium Compattino™ 2.0

The fully customizable instrument cluster works with J1939 and Analog inputs. Sunlight readable PM-OLED display can show additional parameters and system messages. 18 LED warning lights can be triggered by either J1939 messages or analag/digital signals.

Operator Information and Control Solutions

Maximatecc specializes in operator information and control solutions for industrial vehicle OEMs and systems integrators in a number of industries. Our products are engineered to perform reliably in harsh environments involving temperature extremes, high shock and vibration, UV and moisture exposure.

J1939 Direct Databus Instruments - DDBI 500

The new Datcon DDBI 500 kbps J1939 gauges work with modern engines that utilize multiple ECUs and connect directly to the vehicle`s CAN Bus network.

maxAI™ CAN Bus Products

The maxAI™ CAN bus products offer a range of products for customizable solutions to maximize your engine monitoring experience.

CAN Bus IntelliSensor

Precisely and reliably track your fuel to ensure your vehicle has the power it needs to get the job done.

Instrument Clusters

maximatecc offers ruggedized instrument clusters suitable for use in small construction equipment to large specialty vehicles. These instrument clusters are used by leading original equipment manufacturers with high degree of reliability and functionality.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Gauges

Stewart-Warner and DATCON gauges from maximatecc are designed for “severe-duty” off-highway, industrial, and specialty vehicles used in the most environmentally, mechanically, and electronically challenging applications possible.

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