CAN Bus Products

maximatecc's CAN Bus products offer a range of customizable solutions to maximize your sensor, gauge and display experience. Equipped with software solutions to fit your every need, the suite of CAN Bus products provide insight for your vehicle monitoring for a variety of applications.

CAN Bus IntelliSensor

The CAN Bus IntelliSensor precisely and reliably tracks fuel levels to ensure your vehicle has the power it needs to get the job done.

maxAI™ 130

Our newest maxAI™ product is small but mighty! Housed in an attractive and compact 52mm casing, the maxAI™ 130 is equipped with an enhanced graphic display with an optional two-button keypad. From small construction equipment to large specialty vehicles, put this display to the test even for the most demanding applications.

maxAI™ 280

The maxAI™ 280 is your all-in-one instrumentation display that provides the brightest and clearest display to help you see critical data quickly and efficiently. The two model options provide solutions to your vehicle monitoring.

maxAI™ 430 CAN Bus Display

maximatecc's most advanced engine monitoring system allows you to fully customize your display to suit your application. The maxAI™ 430 is available in four models to fully integrate with your vehicle. The vibrant 4.30" TFT display provides the highest quality visuals to optimize performance and efficiency.

Download the maxAI™ Comparison Sheet to understand more about the features of each display.