Premium Compattino™ 3-gauge Instrument Cluster

maximatecc has added Premium Compattino 2.0, a compact, self-contained 3-gauge instrument cluster, to our extensive line of gauges and instrument clusters. Designed for monitoring engine performance on heavy-duty, off-highway equipment and special industrial vehicles, Compattino 2.0 can operate in three input modes: 1) pure J1939, 2) pure analog, and 3) J1939 analog hybrid. When connected to a J1939 network, the device can support communication speeds up to 500 Kbps.

“To exactly meet your needs, our Premium Compattino 2.0 can be fully customized for specific applications,” explained Riaz Mohammad, maximatecc product line manager. “The three stepper-motor driven gauges can be configured to show information from either J1939 or analog sources. Additionally, the 2.7” sunlight readable display can show up to four additional parameters and ECU messages.”

Mohammad added, “With LED backlighting, a glass lens with anti-fog, anti-scratch treatment, and IP67/65 sealing, our Premium Compattino 2.0 is an ideal choice for use in the harshest environments.” He continued, “Eighteen LED warning lights can be triggered by analog, J1939, or digital inputs, while four backlit push buttons allow direct communication with the ECU.”

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Benefits you can bank on:

• Three physical gauges can be configured for either J1939 or analog input

• Up to 500kbps baud rate supports multiple controllers and modern engines

• Suitable for use outside the cab

— Environmentally sealed to IP67 (Front) / IP65 (Rear)

— Industrial operating temperature range (-30⁰C to +85⁰C)

— Sunlight readable 2.7” display

• 18 warning lights eliminates the need for external light bank

— Triggered by digital inputs and J1939 messages

• Supports analog senders

• Tier 4 Final compatibility

• Ability to display engine diagnostic codes and warning messages


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