Introducing our J1939 Direct Databus Instruments

Dawn of a New Gauge maximatecc has added 500 kbps Direct Databus Instrument gauges to our extensive Datcon product line. Branded DDBI 500, they offer a standalone solution for today’s heavy-duty construction equipment and commercial vehicles. These J1939 gauges can be connected directly to your vehicle bus network offering worry-free operation in your most demanding applications.…

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Introducing the New Maximatecc Premium Compattino™ 3-gauge Instrument Cluster

maximatecc has added Premium Compattino 2.0, a compact, self-contained 3-gauge instrument cluster, to our extensive line of gauges and instrument clusters. Designed for monitoring engine performance on heavy-duty, off-highway equipment and special industrial vehicles, Compattino 2.0 can operate in three input modes: 1) pure J1939, 2) pure analog, and 3) J1939 analog hybrid. When connected…

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