Robust displays available in 1.3”, 2.8”, and 4.3”

maximatecc displays are built on a microcontroller architecture which offers lean performance with inherent support for key features including fast boot (typically around a second for instant access to machine data). maxAI displays, from 1.3” to 4.3”, provide vehicle and equipment monitoring based on a lean ARM microcontroller platform. With general I/O and CAN channel support the maxAI 130, 280 and 430 can share multiple screens of information, with intuitive navigation, including diagnostic codes and machine status.

maxAI 130 has a 60mm front housed in a robust and compact 52mm case size with an optional two-button keypad, maxAI 280 an all-in-one instrumentation display which can provide critical data quickly and efficiently, and the max 430 which is available in four model options, allowing adopters to realize a display to suit an application. The maxAI 280 and 430 conform to the SAE 86mm case size to make installation simple for new, and existing, cabins.