Multipurpose CAN Bus display

Robust 1.3” monitoring solution for a variety of machine needs

maxAI family of ARM-based instrumentation displays are available in 1.3”, 2.8” and 4.3”. The displays’ microcontroller architecture provides lean performance with inherent support for key features including fast boot (typically around a second for instant access to machine data).

maxAI 130 is housed in a robust and compact 52mm SAE standard casing with an optional two-button keypad on the 60mm front panel. This means it can be used as a drop-in replacement for any existing display or as upgrade for analogue gauges allowing adopters to reuse assets and cabin designs already in place.

maxAI 130The maxAI uses a 1.36-inch monochrome FSTN screen with high outdoor readability.  With the option to utilize positive or negative display modes the responsive screen can be set to suit the conditions and improve readability. With one CAN channel, four configurable I/O, the maxAI 130 offers far more than a typical gauge, the unit is available with or without two configurable navigation buttons for switching between up to 12 preprogrammed screens of information, entering commands or setting configurations.

The maxAI 130 utilizes the simple Configurator Tool. A GUI based windows application that is ideal for simple I/O mapping, and for efficient setup to automatically populate screens with engine monitoring data through preset options and layouts. It does not need complex coding or additional engineering resources and can also be used to validate concepts quickly. Platform adopters can quickly configure inputs, assign LED notification set points, setup source addresses and utilize standard or custom icons.


maxAI 130 is capable of extending engine operation with real-time monitoring of critical information and the capability to alert the operator to potential issues with diagnostic codes or customized warnings. The display can also provide and combine simultaneous real-time monitoring of vehicle speed, tire pressure, and tire temperature signals to improve productivity and alert operators of dangerous tire conditions or tire misuse.

For electric vehicle operation the maxAI 130 can serve as a capable battery monitoring system with sub second boot time to show state of charge and power draw information instantly to operators even for machines that are in stop/start operation.

From standard equipment to specialty vehicles, the maxAI 130 is suited to perform a variety of tasks and provide a robust and economical solution for system monitoring requirements, helping operators to sense see and know more.


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