Multi-functional 2.8” Display

Designed to succeed in challenging environments, the maxAI 280 features a bright, 2.8”, IPS type, display.

Supported by a freely programmable, efficient, microcontroller-based platform. The CAN bus display enables operators to sense see and know more with robust and reliable vehicle and equipment monitoring.

With a fast boot time the maxAI 280 can provide a primary engine monitoring solution. With one CAN channel, up to five analog inputs and four outputs, the maxAI 280 offers far more than a typical gauge with multiple screens offering up to four parameters in both day or night modes per screen.

The series offers an advanced variation, the maxAI 280b to meet additional machine needs, for example Bluetooth, and increased I/O. Both the maxAI 280 and 280b CAN bus display feature buttons for tactile interaction and navigation through screens as well as best in class IP rated enclosures and connectors.

Instrumentation Display


Platform adopters can take advantage of the support for Qt for MCU or C/C++ development paths to build their own application or use the maxAI 280 configurator tool to quickly customize the display with prebuilt layouts and assets for testing proof of concepts before committing valuable engineering resources.