maximatecc is a CentroMotion Brand

maximatecc is now part of CentroMotion, a global provider of advanced actuation and motion control solutions. CentroMotion is the new name of the former Engineered Components & Systems division of Actuant Corporation, which has been acquired by an affiliate of One Rock Capital Partners, LLC. Along with maximatecc, CentroMotion consists of five other key global brands: CrossControl, Elliott ManufacturingGits Manufacturing, Power-Packer and Weasler Engineering.

“This is an exciting day for CentroMotion and its talented employees as we continue to meet the needs of our customers as an independent business,” said Roger Roundhouse, chief executive officer of the newly formed organization. “In rebranding, we sought to adopt an identity that serves as an umbrella for our iconic brands and communicates the value we bring to our partners. Together with One Rock, our goal is to reinforce the truly global nature of our business and enable the ongoing success of our diverse, top-tier customer base.”

The CentroMotion corporate identity derives from a center of focus on the company’s core technologies of controlled movement, control and actuation. As a company, we take pride in our unique ability to develop and deliver solutions that make equipment manufactured anywhere in the world smarter, safer and more productive.

About CentroMotion
CentroMotion is a growing portfolio of highly respected global brands that add value through innovative motion, actuation and control technologies. Our highly skilled subject matter experts develop solutions that enable our global customers’ products to be smarter, safer and more productive. Our well-known brands include Power-Packer for hydraulic motion control and stabilization systems; CrossControl and maximatecc for operator information and human-machine interface systems; Elliott Manufacturing and Weasler Engineering for power and force transmission through flexible and rigid driveline systems; and Gits Manufacturing for high performance engine thermal and emission control solutions.

About One Rock
One Rock makes controlling investments in companies with potential for growth and operational improvement using a rigorous approach that utilizes highly experienced Operating Partners to identify, acquire and enhance businesses in select industries. The involvement of these Operating Partners affords One Rock the ability to conduct due diligence and consummate acquisitions and investments in all types of situations, regardless of complexity. One Rock works collaboratively with company management and its Operating Partners to develop a comprehensive business plan focused on growing the enterprise and its profitability to enhance long-term value. 

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