maximatecc at iVT Expo in Köln

Visit maximatecc at the iVT Expo in Cologne to learn about our range of customizable CAN bus displays and software solutions for vehicle and equipment monitoring from the 25th to the 26th of June.

Visitors to the show can connect with our experts in Stand 4018 to better understand the benefits of incorporating a maxAI display into their product.



Get a hands on look at the latest maximatecc display series including: maxAI 130 housed in a robust and compact 60mm casing with an optional two-button keypad, maxAI 280 an all-in-one instrumentation display which can provide critical data quickly and efficiently, and the maxAI 430 which is available in four model options, allowing adopters to realize a display to suit an application. The maxAI 280 and 430 conform to the SAE 86mm case size.

maxAI software solution is designed to fit machine needs and visitors can see how it has been used to create examples of application use cases. The Configurator Tool is available for quick and easy setup to automatically populate screens with engine monitoring data through preset options and layouts. It does not need complex coding or additional resources and can also be used to validate concepts quickly. maximatecc’s software development kit provides a higher level of flexibility and control and gives platform adopters the freedom to create their own custom application.

maximatecc displays are built on a microcontroller architecture which offers lean performance with inherent support for key features including fast boot (typically around a second for instant access to machine data). The platform now offers Qt for MCU compatibility. Qt offers industry leading tools and resources for developing graphical user interfaces with enormous community support, more than 1 million active developers, and the ability to reuse assets across devices.

Visitors can also discuss with the team about how the maximatecc engineering team can develop a custom interface that meets specific application needs.

Reach out to to arrange a meeting or connect with an agent.