Maximatecc Launches CAN BUS Intellisensor®

Tackle fuel challenges head-on by delivering fuel information better than ever before.


[Waukesha, Wisc., 08/27/20] – maximatecc is making fuel data delivery better than ever before with the CAN Bus Intellisensor®. Built as a compact drop-in solution for fuel level and volume sensing, the Intellisensor frees up input space on your engine control unit by plugging directly into your J1939/Can Bus system.



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“The Intellisensor delivers precise and reliable fuel data so that potential problems could be spotted early on,” states Product Line Director, Dave Moffett. “We wanted to develop a fuel level sender that would be easy to use and provide a means to promote the development of cost-effective fuel plans for our clients.”


The CAN Bus Intellisensors’ well-thought design includes features such as:

• Easy connection with J1939 CAN Bus output sender.
• Automatic calibration with every tank fill-up, regardless of fuel type.
• Easy customization to fit unique volumetric tanks.
• No moving parts, creating a more extended lifespan.
• Multiple lengths, ranging from 9″ to 60,” to accommodate any tank size.


“We put a lot of thought around the design of this fuel level sensor to ensure that it would perform to the standards our customers have come to expect from us. We’re excited about this new fuel sensor’s capabilities to serve as a drop-in replacement for analog fuel senders and voltage output solutions,” adds Moffett. “The IntelliSensor is our modern, easy-to-configure, electronic fuel level sensor that gives precise and reliable fuel tracking, ensuring that your engine always adheres to your budget requirements while delivering the power needed to get the job done.”

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