Robust and bright 4.3” display for vehicle and equipment monitoring

Vehicle monitoring display


maxAI 430 provides vehicle and equipment monitoring with a bright 4.3” and up to 4 programmable softkeys.


The CAN bus display, available in 4 configurations is built on a microcontroller architecture which offers lean performance with inherent support for key features including fast boot (typically around a second for instant access to machine data) allowing adopters to realize a display to suit their application. The maxAI 430 conforms to the SAE 86mm case size to make installation simple for new, and existing, cabins. The display features up to 2 CAN channels, up to 5 inputs and 1 output with the option to add Bluetooth for smartphone integration and cable free updates.


maxAI software solution is designed to fit machine and OEM needs with options available for multiple development paths. The configurator tool provides fast deployment without the need for coding, SDKs offer greater flexibility for custom solutions, and now the maxAI 430 supports Qt for MCUs.  Qt offers industry leading tools and resources for developing graphical user interfaces with enormous community support, more than 1 million active developers, and the ability to reuse assets across devices.


Reach out for more information or to request a demo unit.