Tachometer with Hourmeter, P/N 122707

Model: Analog II, Scale: 0-3000 RPM, Voltage: 12 V, Bezel: Black (DD),

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P/N: 122707
Type: Tachometer
Type Description: Tachometer with Hourmeter
Scale: 0-3,000 RPM
Diameter, in: 86 mm
Bezel/Finish: Black (DD)
Ohms: N/A
Volt/Watt/Current: 12 V
Product Family: Analog II
Notes: *1 = SAE = SAE Step Bezel, DD = Deep Draw bezel. Hourmeter maximum hour reading is 99,999.9. For appropriate speed sensor, please see the Senders & Sensors section. For pulse generators and drive tangs, please see Accessories section. Instruments listed above are internally illuminated by LEDs on the circuit. No light kit options are available. For panel kits and other options, please see Accessories section. See other sections for cosmetically matching 2” gauges.