Pressure – Oil, P/N 107009

Model: 389, Scale: 0-150 PSI, Bezel: Black, Type: Mechanical *1,

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P/N: 107009
Type: Pressure
Type Description: Pressure Gauge – Oil (mechanical)
Scale: 0-150 PSI
Diameter, in: 2-1/16"
Bezel/Finish: Black
Ohms: N/A
Volt/Watt/Current: N/A
Product Family: Heavy Duty Industrial
Notes: *1 = Use tube kit P/N 07080-00 for any of the mechanical gauges listed above. Regular-, heavy- and severe-duty sending units are available for electrical gauges. Please see Pressure Sender section. 12V or 24V light kits sold separately, reference P/Ns 06215-00 (12VDC) and 06294-00 (24VDC) for electrical gauges. For mechanical pressure gauges, reference P/Ns 210341 (12VDC) and 210342 (24VDC). The 210341 and 210342 single-lead light kits ground to the metal gauge case and are unique to current production Datcon mechanical pressure gauges. Other Datcon light kits are not compatible with these mechanical pressure gauges. For panel kits and other options, please see Accessories section. See other sections for matching speedometers and tachometers. Current Datcon mechanical pressure gauges are now produced by our Turotest business unit. They are functional replacements for the original Datcon line. While cosmetically and dimensionally similar, please note they are not identical.