Ammeter, P/N 101906

Model: 867, Scale: 150-0-150 A, Voltage: 12 V, Bezel: Polished,

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P/N: 101906
Type: Ammeter
Type Description: Ammeter
Scale: 150-0-150 A
Diameter, in: 2-1/16"
Bezel/Finish: Polished
Ohms: N/A
Volt/Watt/Current: 12 V (Light)
Product Family: Heavy Duty Automotive
Notes: *1 = Shunts (e.g. 07598-00) are required with ammeters rated at 100 or more amperes (and are external to ammeters.) 12V light kits are also sold separately, reference P/N 06215-00. For panel kits and other options, please see Accessories section. See other sections for matching speedometers and tachometers.