maxAI™ 430 & maxAI™ 430v Advanced Instrumentation

Our maxAI™ 430v engine monitoring system takes the power of information to a whole new level. Along with a vibrant 4.3” TFT to display engine parameters, warnings, and system messages, it includes the advanced features of video input for a rear backup camera, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity. The maxAI™ 430v from maximatecc gives you the data you need, in the sleekest, most compact design yet.


maxAI 430v


  • Primary Engine Monitoring using 2x CAN channels and 5x analog inputs
    -250/500 kbps auto baud rate detection
    -Fast boot time (<3s)
  • Designed for use inside or outside the cab
    -4.3” TFT display with 480 x 272 resolution
    -Wide viewing angles and 24-bit color for vibrant graphics
    -20°C to 70°C operating temperature
    -Sealed construction (IP67 / IP65)
  • Ambient light sensor
  • LED warning light indicator (amber and red)
  • Displays up to 5 screens, each with 5 parameters and associated information
  • Configurable application software for display screen and warning light setup without the
    need for programming
  • Contact maximatecc for applications requiring full customization

The maximatecc maxAI™430v engine monitoring system will change the way you look at things...for the better.

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Download Product Files - 430v

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